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  • Granny Warrior
    bo B.O. NOT SO STUPID! I am dedicating this message to a friend who I drive constantly crazy with my poor grammar and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2012

      I am dedicating this message to a friend who I drive constantly crazy with my poor grammar and punctuations as well as just my rambling methods of writing. I have to confess that I am fighting Alzheimer's in the early stages and tend to lose track of what I was going to say and sometimes I later recall and simply have to write it down or lose it again Not a award winning way of doing things but it works for me. ( This one's for you Lawrence)

      Just think about all of the laws written in secret by our fearless leader, all of his trusted advisers put in place ( czars) and some really interesting friends. What if he is really really smart? What if there is really not going to be a election this year? What if people really do start disappearing?

      A lot of what ifs but all somewhat legitimate. Now a big what if, we make fun of his use of the teleprompter and assume he is pretty dim witted yet he did beat our best brains and became our president without even so much as a hiccup in the program. What if it was all planned for him to make people think he is dumb? What if it is all a good act?

      Now I know as you do that he has been bought and paid for and now will probably be tossed under the bus because of the patriotic out rage going on now. Surely he knows this is happening, so why not use his own agencies to take care of it all ? Just think he has the silent and deadly hit squad with drones and no oversight so why not start with all of the elites that put him in office and have the power to get rid of him. He could very well quickly and quietly assassinate all of his enemies even those that aren't quite sure yet. He could do away with the UN with one good bunker buster bomb and refuse to allow the CFR and other organizations to operate as well as kill off the IRS and the FED. That would leave him in total control of the country. Now he could be the total ruler, well maybe not total as he still has Michelle to deal with. It seems to me that this would be a very attractive plan for him and he could always claim doing it for the preservation of the US and we would have to agree that he was saving our country and many would make him a Saint.

      Even I would give him a "ATTA BOY" for getting rid of Soros and Rockefeller & Kissinger.

      Just think, not a word would be spoken, we have seen proof of silence with the main stream news and Ron Paul, no one would be reporting the missing people and frankly most Americans who are awake would not even be the least bit upset at the disappearance of these slugs who call themselves the ELITE.

      Obama could get rid of the oval office and instead install a Throne Room for his Majesty.

      The wonderful part of this daydream is then we would only have one person to worry about and surely someone would be able to stop him in his tracks.. Maybe at just the cost of 10 camels. Perhaps someone should start a chip in for Camel purchases.

      Survival is becoming a daily word even on the main stream media shows. We all are aware of the possibility of a Collapse and many of us are only waiting for the beginning bell. Look at all of the garbage happening daily, zombies, face eating people wandering the streets. Are they simply copying the TV shows all showing such gruesome scenes with the mutilation of humans, killing, such disgusting acts are shown on the boob toob as entertainment, come on now why would anyone think that is entertaining, brainwashed masses fill their heads with useless entertainment. people are so self-absorbed they don't even know what is really going on in the world yet think of themselves as worldly and educated.

      It is conditioning for us, simply put the more you see of something the less it offends you. Like Sex, years past it was a personal private act. Now it is every where, out in the open so it now is no longer exotic and exciting to any of us, just mundane and ordinary to the point of having to have little helpers. The same goes for the gore and destruction shown daily on the tube. Even the children's cartoons are geared towards conditioning. Have you watched some of them lately? Watch and you will know a good part of why children are killing, stealing and having sex at such young ages now.

      Those of us that have not been compromised with the water and medications, vaccinations etc are both scared and hoping mad along with a little paranoid. With Alzheimer's becoming a epidemic disease from the medications, etc and the failing economy, chem trails, HAARP, GMO foods and pollutants of all kinds we are simply a time bomb waiting to go off.. we just have to be prepared for anything.

      Now forgetting all that bad stuff. We all have to make sure we are ready for what ever is thrown at us and that our families are going to be as safe as possible.

      Reading and looking at several videos of the chem-trails even seen from outer space and knowing the content of some of these things it will be necessary to make sure you have material to grow your gardens in that is safe. Of course Monsanto is developing plants that will grow in a soil with excess aluminum and barium but who wants to eat such a freak of man made nature?

      My thoughts are: buy bags of potting soil now. save them, put them away, buy bales of peat moss, stash it away. when your garden becomes useless you may have to build a structure to keep debris from falling on the soil as with a green house and make raised beds of good healthy soil under shelter. Last year our tomatoes suffered and did not produce as they have in the past due to soil problems. This year everything is being planted in good soil plus all of the compost we have made over winter. I refuse to buy seeds from Monsanto and Bayer, nor will I use their products for weed control. Instead I will use geese and my own hands and a hoe. Just think, our grandparents and great grandparents didn't have all these products and managed to grow healthy tasty fruit and vegetables that nourished the body. Good soil may become the most sought after product in the country. If your soil is still good dig down a few inches and bag up that dirt.. make sure you have the ability to grow your own food in the future.

      With all of the stupid and criminal acts being performed by our USDA and government against small farms all in support of the corporations like Monsanto it is a wonder that anyone would even work in those facilities. It is time to really protest and destroy these types of facilities that produce poison for the people to consume in the name of health and goodness!

      • Please this week start:
      • collecting bags of good soil
      • collecting plastic, heavy duty for building
      • PVC pipe for frame working green houses
      • preserving any food items on hand
      • don't forget the basics:
      • sugar, salt, spices, corn meal, canned meats. ( no tuna unless it was canned over a year ago)

      You will also need to build a large water distiller to remove the pollutants from the rain water to use on your garden. With a large section of PVC pipe filled with charcoal, sand and diamateous earth other wise your good dirt will be contaminated with the pollutants in the air which will be picked up by the rain. Google water treatment and you will find tons of directions for building and maintaining these filters.

      A final word this week:



      Granny Warriors

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