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Tiredof the crap

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  • Granny Warrior
    tired of crap Aren t you all tired of this Crap? What the Hell? BREAKING: Vice President Joe Biden Moves with Walter Jones to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2012
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      tired of crap
      Aren't you all tired of this Crap?

      What the Hell?

      BREAKING: Vice President Joe Biden Moves with Walter Jones to Impeach President Obama!

      The invisible man just spoke with a voice of thunder:" ..and I want to make it clear...  And I make it clear to the President....  That if he takes the Nation to war in Iran without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him.  ..And that's a fact. That is a fact! "                                     

      - Vice President Joe Biden

      Really Joe, where have you been while he (BO) has been stripping the Constitution? Where was your voice of thunder while he implements his complete take over of the country with his mu slim cohorts? Where was your voice for the past 3 years? Maybe you just figured it out that you can't get any more cash out of this role you are playing...? Or are you just not ready to get taken out before your time? Maybe a little scared for your own safety now?

      Awwwwwwwww wait a minute just more garbage.... didn't you make this statement against Georgie boy Bush???? Hummmmmmmm like I stated... MORE CRAP,....

      Folks take the time to sit down with your family and watch this movie, it is really a good one even the kids will appreciate it.


      Infant dies after contracting herpes during blood-sucking Jewish circumcision

      Friday, March 09, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer\(NaturalNews)

      A two-week old boy died recently at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, after undergoing a rarely-practiced, and highly controversial, Jewish circumcision ritual known as metzitzah b'peh. According to the New York Daily News (NYDN), the unidentified young boy contracted herpes simplex virus Type 1 from the Rockland County rabbi that performed the ritual on him, and died shortly thereafter.


      I have never given much thought or appreciation for those that slammed the Jews or their religion, never knew that many of the people and the ones I did know were no different than anyone else, I never gave much thought to their religion, I had my own.... But this is beyond anything I can imagine. With the DHS and Child services so rampant today and this is allowed to happen? Are the parents being held for child abuse? they should be. How in the hell could a woman who just gave birth to a baby allow a grown man Rabi or not to suck the baby's little penis? That is perverted and certainly a crime or should be... Let some slime bag from the streets even touch a young boys penis and they are whisked away so fast it would make your head spin... Yet put a little hat on his head and grow a beard and be a Rabbi and it is perfectly ok to do so? Can you imagine anyone with any feelings or dignity or caring or love for a child allow such a thing to go on and right out in the open??? Good lord they parents and Rabbi should be put away forever...Let that Rabbi become some bikers bitch in prison... even that is not enough punishment... there is no way I can express my pure disgust for this type of thing....

      Now really the topper of all the BS

      March 9, 2012

      Obama Administration to Congress:

      You're Irrelevant

      Andrew C. McCarthy


      With this declaration of power Obama has once more crossed the line but this time it should show even the blind brainwashed Obamites this man is out to be the dictator of the country not president. He needs to be taken out on the front lawn and put in front of a firing squad. Not just him but the congress and senate also.. They were his accomplices and need to be punished so they will not be planting any seeds of distrust, greed, criminality and immorality any longer.

      The people need to rise up and prosecute their state officials also, start at the bottom and work your way up.. No Mercy, No Reprieves Nothing, they are all guilty of the crime of elitism... which is by my definition their belief they are smarter, know what is best for everyone and will do anything to put their plans in action which also means they benefit either via money, power or prestige. Or all three. Every state capitol should have a area with a thick wood wall ( bullets will stick in the wall and can be seen by passersby) that will be used by the firing squad to depose wayward statesmen and women.. even the lowly ones.

      How do you suppose these people convinced themselves they have the right to tell you and I how we should live? Who gives them the power to write the useless laws we all have to abide by? What the hell is wrong with us the people who allow this to go on and how did it become so ingrained...

      Now just one more disgusting item... years ago there was a PAWS bill in congress presented by none other than Mr. Santorum... Read that bill and tell me you want anyone with those principles as president? Come on folks do your homework.. Why did he lose his Senate seat ? Check him out especially the bills he backs and votes for.. that will give you a good idea of where and what he is... See what Nick has to say about this man.....the truth that you have not been told. Many of us in the pet community spent nearly two years of our lives fighting to defeat the illustrious former Senator and his destructive animal rightist agenda. These are some of the political cartoons I drew at the time. Additional artworks may be seen at my website http://www.nickvanduren.com/.

      Now Survival? Can we survive the government? The environment will not be nearly as difficult as the government. With new bills flowing around so quickly it will become impossible for the average person to know when they are breaking laws or not and why bother to even wonder? With the government taking over everything even our food and water it will be really imperative to be armed and supplied with food that we can carry with us.... I suspect most of us will at some point be uprooted from our homes if BO is allow another 4 years. That will be the end of the United States of America period. We will be another third world country with a brown population which is in progress now. White people are being phased out, notice the white kids emulating their black rap heroes? Dressing and talking etc? Learning to be stupid is what the schools are teaching. With the Amnesty acts and inter mingling of the races the white race is being destroyed. I have never been a racist but I do believe races should marry within their race.. Period.. that is just my belief. And I have a right to that belief. I get very angry when I see blond children dressed like the low classed blacks in the ghettos and being allowed by their parents to behave that way.

      White people have become afraid to be proud of their race.. I am not.. I don't feel above any other race but am not below them either... I admire intelligence and learning not ignorance. I get really disgusted when I see Black history month over and over... what the hell did the black people do so great? Oh yes there was the Cotton Gin... but after that I kind of fade out on deeds? Where is the great art from Africa? great buildings? Great writing? what the hell is so compelling about running around in a loin cloth, slaughtering of their own people, selling them off to slavery and so much more bad than good yet we are supposed to celebrate Black History?

      Can we have a White History Month? Well can we? Will McDonald's put that banner in their windows? Hummmmmmmmmm doubtful.....

      Anyway.. all week long I have been up to my elbows in tomatoes and apples... So many of those beautiful plum tomatoes being tossed because of a few small spots.. I can them all... simple to slice out the bad and save the good. I wound up with 3 cases of quarts and a half gallon of the powder which is so good. I dehydrate the tomatoes and then put in a blender and make a powder. this powder is so easy to use, and carry, you can carry a hundred pounds of tomatoes in a gallon jar ... when needed just add water and you can have a paste or more water and a sauce or boiling hot cup of water and tomato soup... \

      These powders I feel will come in so handy if you need to leave on short notice maybe on foot... I do squash, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and am going to try celery today. by grabbing bags you will be able to carry many meals in a very small light weight space.

      I love the tomatoes in powder form.. I just take a cup of milk add some salt and pepper and bring to a boil adding a couple of tablespoons of tomato powder.. in a very few minutes there is a beautiful rich soup ready to eat.

      With all the new programs on prepping and bunkers etc it seems either we are gaining on the establishment or they are trying to present us to the public as nut cases.. in some instances the people are rather nutty but for the most part the people on the shows seem to be intelligent and even more wealthy than I am.. Lord some of those bunkers are more modern and well equipped than my home. I am trying to talk my husband into digging a hole and reinforcing the sides etc and backing the motor home down in the hole. All that would be necessary would be to make a tunnel doorway and add a septic system and well connection.. with a good solid roof support it could be covered and no one would know it was there. I haven't quite made a impression on my husband yet but keep trying. I just don't think you will be able to move around safely WTSHTF and will need a concealed place to run to close by. I want a place to store most of our supplies and leave only a little to make anyone thing that is all we have which may save our lives later. ( I even thought about setting a lot of canned items on the shelves and to add some poison or maybe just a lot of laxative so anyone stealing them would not benefit from my work ) . I really think the gardening is a thing of the past as the spraying will contaminate the ground and kill off the plants so we won't be able to grow plants for our food supply. I have a feeling that is what a lot of the chem trails are doing. Last year we had a problem as did most of the farms in this area with tomatoes rotting on the vines due to too much aluminum in the soil? where did that come from in just one season?

      This winter I have bought bag after bag of potting soil when it was on sale so we can plant our stuff in beds of good soil under plastic.. not so much a green house but a shield from the spraying. I know it will mean a lot of hand watering but at least I know what is in the ground and in return in the food we will be eating. I would suggest everyone that is in a spraying area to start accumulating lots of peat moss and planting materials to use for their plants or learn how to grow hydroponics....It may mean the difference between your kids eating good food or garbage to make them weak and sick...

      Keep your eyes open for things going on around you as this is the time which may be critical to the political field and the politicians will do anything to keep their power.. We should by our own individual acts make sure they do not return to a position of power over us. Keep our nation and people free. Question everything and obey only your own heart and mind.....

      My Dream Bunker..... actually about all I can afford !

             Visit us to subscribe:


      I am cleaning out my seed stash: I have way too many for our own use and have made packages up of the seeds left. Each package will contain tomato ( 2 varieties) , onion, green beans, cukes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, zuchinni, yellow crook neck squash, collards, kale, okra, peas, sweet corn, beets, broccoli, winter squash, (4 rare candy roaster squash seeds) ( enough seeds to plant over a 1/2 acre of all heirloom, non gmo seeds) We have a limited amount of packs, No we will not break down the packages, They are sealed in air tight packs for long term storage.

      We will notify every one when they run out. There will be no more seed sales as we are out of the farms seeds and will be only saving our own garden seeds from here on out.




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