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Re: The world in which you want to live

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  • jcarvingblock
    Featherlite, I would advise you to use an editor to prepare your posts. The post is good and parallels some of my own thoughts but is full of misspelled words.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2007
      Featherlite, I would advise you to use an editor to prepare your

      The post is good and parallels some of my own thoughts but is full of
      misspelled words.

      My studies and personal writings on the money system have led me to
      the following conclusions:

      1) A centralized and hierarchal monetary system is essential to a
      centralized and hierarchal governmental power system. The two are a
      symbiotic pair - neither can exist without the other. Decentralized
      money systems decentralize power structures.

      2) The presumption that (insert your favorite) only ______ can
      provide the proper basis for a money system is itself one of the
      thought stopping conclusions and is itself a very flawed concept.

      3) Money is in its essence a transmitter of neutral information - an
      extension of language by means of symbols and contracts that allow
      humans to exchange real things by proxy. As such, there is NO natural

      4) The only natural question that arises when the average human is
      confronted with an alternative monetary form is: "How do I know this
      money symbol will redeem in products, commodities, or services that I
      need and desire?" Or in other words: "Who is guaranteeing specific
      performance of contract?"

      The following websites are only a partial list of what is available
      and should you care to respond to my direct writing, you might create
      a user name and password on the Strike The Root forum and respond to
      this thread which I monitor: http://tinyurl.com/5zror


      I personally digitized three of the Clarence Riegel books found here:
      http://www.reinventingmoney.com and here:

      The site Debt Money, Ancient Meme is here: http://landru.i-link-

      The William Gouge report to Andrew Jackson (1833) has been digitized
      by myself and is available in PDF format or at the complementary
      currency library: http://www.complementarycurrency.org/materials.php
      in html format:
      (509 Kb download)

      The last site, Complementary Currency also has the two Dr Popp books
      that I digitized as does the Re-Inventing Money site.
      Money, Bona Fide or Non-Bona Fide (from 1970) (685 Kb):
      The Cookie Jar (from 1978) (829 Kb) http://www.appropriate-

      Also have Aaron Russo's freedom to fascism and Paul Grignon's MONEY
      AS DEBT from the dollar dvd project along with a number of other CDs.
      Super premium of value for the buck.

      When I get a bit of free time, I am working on a book on Scotch
      Banking from 1800 to 1860. The book was published in London about
      1865 and one copy found its way to Germany where the present owner
      scanned all the pages and burned the images to a CD and then two or
      more copies were made. I have one copy and Thomas Greco has the other

      Other sites of good interest on the money topic are:
      Slave Revolt:
      Yamaguchy: http://www.yamaguchy.netfirms.com/
      Money Myth Exploded by Louis Even from 1930s:
      http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/money.htm (black and white cartoons)
      Same story but with color cartoons:
      Similar cartoon series from the Alberta Canada group who are
      basically in the Social Credit school of thought (I have this series
      as a pdf file somewhere on CD):
      Bunch of Downloads:
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