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Gaming: From Gamesmanship to Zero-Sum Game

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  • Leslie R. Pastor
    From my initial foray into understanding how control paradigms influence whole populations of entire countries, I developed an understanding of how control
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      From my initial foray into understanding how 'control' paradigms influence whole populations of entire countries, I developed an understanding of how 'control' paradigms can be 'localized' in their influence upon individual 'human' objectives. The control of civilization including the separation of entire cultures from each other into distinct and separate societies has been an ongoing 'system' since the beginning of recorded history. The strong and the powerful have always attempted and succeeded in controlling their sphere of influence. They've accomplished their objectives primarily via the creation of 'banking' infrastructures. Since the regulation of 'commerce' is the ultimate societal 'control.' The creation of money and monetary 'control' is the primary extension of monetary control via their 'private' centralized banking monopoly granted to them by each of the societal 'governments' under their sphere of influence. The creation of 'monetized' debt and the taxing infrastructure is the ultimate 'control' of all individuals within each and every societal grouping upon planet Earth. It is the perfect form of 'control' because it is 'hidden' and 'muted' from public perception. For 'slavery' is often overlooked when there are no overt chains and whips nor screams and yells of horror and pain from a life of overt toil and a droll existence. But taxation and 'inflation' are forms of slavery nonetheless, for these rob us of our labor and force us to lose the value of our achievements, causing us to transfer a portion of our 'earnings' and thus our 'time' to both the 'taxman' and to unelected 'monetarists' who continually 'inflate' the circulated 'currency' to sustain their objectives of control.

      The financial titans of the American sphere of influence, namely the Rockefeller and Morgan families acquired their wealth via a
      governmental grant of special privilege via the creation of 'corporations' and 'cartelization' of the growing 'industrial' might of the American empire during the late 1880s through the initial beginning stages of the technological development of American Industry.
      Once firmly in 'established' control, these families have refused to relinquish their sphere of influence, maintaining a life and death grip upon the existing infrastructure. They're in the catbird seat and wish to remain there. Unfortunately, they may lead us all to perdition if they are unwilling to accept change with due diligence. With the rise of China and the influence of the Russell Trust, mainland China is accelerating full speed ahead into the twenty-first [21st] century. The American worker is footing the entire bill for China's expansion, primarily via China's control of the American Economic Machinery [T-Bills, Bonds, and US Notes] and China gains immensely from this arrangement, firstly by 'controlling' the value of the dollar, secondly by controlling the economy of the United States, and indirectly its foreign policy. The question we should be asking is why the US Government allowed China to 'control' the United States so fundamentally and absolutely? If a Communist Chinese government is able to harness the wealth of the people of the United States and extract such huge concessions and grants of privilege, then why didn't our own US Government not 'use' this same methodology and principle to 'rebuild' our own 'infrastructure' and 'revitalize' the American Economic Machinery for its own people, instead of virtually giving it away to a potential albeit discrete 'enemy.' What is the sense of that, unless there is and has been a predetermined goal of robbing the American people blind from the very inception of the Federal Reserve System?

      Nikola Tesla not only gave us the system of power generation at Niagara Falls, but he established alternating current as the primary means of 'transmission' worldwide. He also gave us free energy generation from his laboratory in Shoreham, Long Island with his 'magnifying transmitter.' Tesla proved that 'energy' was freely available and could be extracted from the ambient as 'energy from the vacuum,' which has been theoretically and actually verified by Myron Wyn Evans, and Jean-Louis Naudin. Documentation is readily available to those who exercise 'due diligence.' We are being lied to, on a systemic basis, systematically and are being provided with artificial 'intelligence,' by specially trained gaming experts, who have skillfully applied significant 'gamesmanship' whose intent has been to apply a series of interesting 'protocols' kindred to a global zero-sum game known as the Control Paradigm Matrix. This game has been played and applied from the dawn of civilization to our present dilemma of scarcity. A dilemma caused by a number of factors that have stymied the controllers themselves. Things can get quickly out of hand and indeed out of control, even for the 'controllers.'

      Therein lies the dilemma, a crossroads has been reached, and significant alternatives are already in place, known and objectified.
      The problem of change-over lies in how much knowledge the controllers wish to relinquish in order to maintain 'jurisdictional' functionality. For knowledge indeed is a dangerous thing to those who misuse it, or don't know how to manage it. For with 'free energy' one is truly free.

      Myron Wyn Evans has received a Civil List Pension from the Queen of England, because of his brilliant accomplishments. He has provided a truly Unified Field Theory and has verified James Clerk Maxwell and ultimately sustained and completed Albert Einstein's long sought after UFT. I believe he is ultimately destined for the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics.

      All the Best,
      Leslie R. Pastor

      PS: Game theory is a branch of mathematics that uses models to study interactions with formalized incentive structures ("games"). It has applications in a variety of fields, including economics, evolutionary biology, political science, and military strategy. Game theorists study the predicted and actual behavior of individuals in games, as well as optimal strategies. Seemingly different types of interactions can exhibit similar incentive structures, thus all exemplifying one particular game.
      John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern first formalized the subject in 1944 in their book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. Source: http://encyclopedia.laborlawtalk.com/Game_theory

      People long have used games of one sort or another to amuse or advance themselves. These games may be simple or complex in nature and can embody a wide variety of forms. Despite whatever differences exist among individual games, all games share as an end or objective the separation of winners from losers as well as the fact that their playing is guided by a set of rules. Consequently, in playing a game, it is understood that if all of the contestants are to have a fair chance of winning they will be apprised of the rules of that particular game in advance of the contest and the rules will be applied equally and fairly.

      For the purposes of this study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an exercise which represents an attempt to place the murder in a context of "gaming," a "game" will be defined as "a procedure for gaining an end" as well as "a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other."

      In the case of the assassination of JFK, certain members of America's intelligence services and representatives of other agencies of the United States government chose to play a deadly game, the rules of which remained hidden from all but themselves and a few others. This was only to be expected because, in the world of intelligence with its particular and peculiar covert nature, the theory and practice of gaming can exist in an entirely different context or dimension than they do for most people. As President Dwight D. Eisenhower once observed of the craft of intelligence, "These activities have their own rules and methods of concealment which seek to mislead and obscure."

      Counter intelligence expert Melvin Beck also likened the craft of intelligence to a game in his book Secret Contenders:

      Any case officer contemplating a double agent operation is convinced, or should be, that the opposition probably knows that he is an intelligence officer of the CIA. Indeed, there is always the tantalizing possibility that the walk-in agent is a "plant."...If so, that only heightens the competition. What ensues may be likened to a chess game, American Intelligence Service versus Russian Intelligence Service, in which moves and countermoves are studied, projected, and applied. That is probably the simplest description of what double agent operations are--games. Source: http://spot.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/04th_Issue/game.theory.html


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