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Re: 30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

So I guess there's other people thinking along these lines as well: http://www.torquenews.com/3618/nissan-leaf-crisis-residual-value-avert-fix-problem To:
Steve Blackburn
7:32 PM

Re: 30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

Yes, the Leaf will certainly go down in history a s a leader in the BEV movement. I can't believe mine will be 4 y ears old this Fall (about the time I should
Stanton Zeff
4:40 PM

Re: 30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

Its kind of surreal to be in the middle of watching Nissan evolve their EV. They could cancel it just like so many othes. But instead, they are evolving to
May 28

Re: 30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

They may make it a retrofit in a conscious effort to prop up the value of used Leafs. The many Leafs coming off lease could be a real liability for them. And
Steve Blackburn
May 28

Re: 30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

I'm going to ask about this when I go in for my (free) warrant y replacement in the Fall. Specu lation as to whether Nissan will allow a "retrofit" into 2011-
Stanton Zeff
May 28

30KW Battery for 2016 Leaf

Looks like a 30 KW battery may be available this fall. Range of 105 miles.  2016 Nissan Leaf Could Have Over 105 Miles Range - HybridCars.com ... Looks like a
Paul Schaffer
May 28

Re: BMW i8 EV

I've seen a half dozen of these & salivate every time.
May 22


Stumbled on this... http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4971197388.html
May 22

Re: Recommendation to charge using Gas Dryer

Clipper Creek has a 4.8kw 20 amp charging station that's portable. You can choose from several different plug connections. LCS-25P with a 14-50 plug in what
May 18

Re: Recommendation to charge using Gas Dryer

http://evseupgrade.com/?main_page=index&cPath=6&zenid=40f5mei5kkm5kkmkta67muutk7 Stan Simmons On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 6:56 AM, efthekar@... [nteaa]
Stan Simmons
May 18

Recommendation to charge using Gas Dryer

I have a 2015 Ford Focus Electric. I was trying to find out info on what kind of portable charge I can buy that would use the Dryer outlet to charge the
May 18

Drive Electric Week & NCTCOG Electric Vehicles North Texas

Since these were mentioned re. May NTEAA meeting: 1) NCTCOG said the recent EVNT meeting was cancelled because of lack of registrants. They attributed it to
May 15

We are meeting on the 16th at Don Herring Mitisubishi IRVING

All,I have arranged the meeting room at Don Herring Mitsubishi in Irving (not Plano). It's on 183 2901 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062.We will have a business
Ron Swanson
May 15

Re: May 16 Meeting?

I can't make the meeting this Saturday. I would vote dovetailing into the Tesla meeting. I could make a little later meeting. If NTCOG is coming they should
May 13

Re: May 16 Meeting?

A fair number of Tesla owners will be at Shannon Brewing Company in Keller later that day — if you lack a better venue, you’re welcome to join us!
Rick Bollar
May 13
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