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Agent Ransack Goes Shareware...

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  • Jody
    Hi All, I use a program called Agent Ransack just about daily and like it a lot. Dave, the author, made a shareware version of it called FileLocator Pro
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2003
      Hi All,

      I use a program called Agent Ransack just about daily and like it
      a lot. Dave, the author, made a shareware version of it called
      "FileLocator Pro" that looks pretty nice. I run it via command-
      line in NoteTab. I thought some of you might be interested in
      it. (I have nothing to gain from this except to stay on Dave's
      good side FWIW.;) It is geared more towards people that know
      Regular Expressions, but it has a pretty neat wizard thing to
      help a beginner write RegExp and see it being done. For somebody
      trying to learn them it is pretty nice. Perhaps we can get Eric
      to "-Plug-in support for 3rd party developers extensions" if that
      would be in addition to what we already have and would enhance
      NoteTab more. (Oh, unlike NoteTab returning a whole file when
      criteria is found, RA returns the line. For further discussion,
      please keep it on the Off Topic list.

      Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 00:17:42 +0100


      Dear Jody,

      As a registered user of Agent Ransack I thought you might be
      interested to learn that a new feature enhanced Shareware version
      called FileLocator Pro is now available.

      The cost is $9.99 for a single license and anybody who registers
      in the next seven days will receive two extra years of free
      upgrades (i.e. a total of three years).

      New features:
      - ZIP file searching
      - PDF searching
      - Active Scripting support (users can now customize searches through scripting)
      - XML Output format
      - Repositionable contents pane (dock below or to the right)
      - Display surrounding lines of text
      - Option to launch external editor at line number
      - Built in file viewer
      - Regular expression on folder names
      - Additional context menu commands such as "Explore here" and "Copy path"
      - Detailed status bar totals
      - Reverse sorting
      - Plug-in support for 3rd party developers extensions
      - Shell extension configuration GUI

      For more information please visit http://www.mythicsoft.com

      I know that some people will be disappointed that these features
      could not be included in the free version but unfortunately I do
      need to generate some revenue to support the web site, bandwidth
      costs etc.

      As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not
      hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you for your continued support of Agent Ransack,

      Dave Vest

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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