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Re: [NTS] More PowerPro

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  • loro
    ... Well, this isn t. : http://w1.181.telia.com/~u18109800/ntb/ Lotta
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 16, 2002
      At 14:09 2002.10.16, Julie wrote:
      > >I don't think I am in moderated status (might be though, on this list!) and
      > >I can't get sheri's picture either. When I try I get a "not available"
      > >error. If I was in a moderated status, wouldn't I get a 'not authorized'
      > >error instead of 'not available'?
      > >
      > >Of course I am now in a non-moderated status just by posting this, right?

      Well, this isn't. :>

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