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96Re: [NTS] lowercase tags

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  • Jody
    Oct 10, 2002
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      Hi Julie and Jamin, (and Sheri;),

      Just to add a little bit, in the "...| HTML Files" press F1 or
      click on Help. Read what it says about the features in that tab
      concerning the four HTML features. I do not know if it mentions
      it, but the Clipbook Libraries, specifically certain Clip code
      follows or inserts the tags in the text case according to how you
      have HTML Files configured.

      If you need to change existing HTML source, use Modify | Change
      HTML Tags >>>.

      (Sheri, you are correct about updating my Clip tutorial
      (ClipClass). I have plans to do 5 more lessons, but finding the
      time is not easy. Currently I am still working on my
      www.clean-funnies.com site which was on my high priority list for
      almost two years now. I almost have it completed, but some of
      the links from the left column need updating and more added to

      >> I am using the HTML editor in NoteTab Standard and would like
      >> to convert the HTML tags it generates from uppercase to
      >> lowercase. Anyone know how to use lowercase HTML tags instead
      >> of uppercase?
      >There's a checkbox option to "Create Uppercase Tags" under View |
      >Options | HTML Files. There is also a clip in the HTML library
      >called "Tidy HTML Code" that allows you to convert code between
      >upper and lower case using either HTML Tidy (if you have it
      >installed) or Notetab's commands.

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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