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92PowerPro & AutoIt (was AutoIt)

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 25, 2002
      Sheri, Mike
      Here's the URL to PowerPro's yahoo-list
      One of its users (and a couple of others - with me cheering from the
      sidelines and waiting till its complete is putting together a tutorial
      on PowerPro scripting
      here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/power-pro/ - Have a look in its
      Files section. Its still a work in process but Alexandros is trying to
      make the scripting capabilities more accessible.

      The author just converted from HLP help to CHM help. From the CHM help:

      >>Running Built-In Commands from the Command Line
      You can run built-in (*) commands from a command line. This could be
      used to execute PowerPro commands from shortcuts or batch command files.

      PowerPro must already be running. Type the built-in command, action, and
      parameters on the command line. For example
      C:\program files\PowerPro\PowerPro.exe *Menu Show MyMenu
      shows menu MyMenu from the running PowerPro program



      >>Sending Keys to Other Windows
      Use the *Keys command to send keystrokes to other windows. Sending keys
      can be used to send text to the receiving window or to automate
      functions of the receiving window. For example, functions on menus can
      often be accessed by Alt-ab where a is the first character of the menu
      name and b selects an item on that menu.

      The problem is I don't really know enough about either to be sure what
      can be done in one and what can be done in the other, let alone which
      is "better".

      My understanding of what you were doing:
      A clip initiates an autoit script which raises a dialog which you can
      interact with to tell the clip to continue, abort (or possibly (?) send
      it some additional info) replacing the native mechanisms that clips have
      to communicate with the user. Approximately correct?

      again from PPro help:
      >>Prompting for Yes/No
      Use *Exec Prompt to prompt for a Yes/No answer an set a flag with the
      result. For example:
      Parameter14 Any text
      displays a message box with "Any Text" and sets flag 14 according to
      whether the result is yes or no.
      You can also prompt for a yes/no/cancel result by using a variable
      instead of a number:
      Parameterc Any text
      Displays a yes/no/cancel dialog and sets c to 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 for

      I'm not too sure about modal vs non-modal (ie (?) whether the other app
      is waiting on the AutoIt or can proceed while the AutoIt message-box is
      sitting there waiting to pass a message (?))

      Mode oriented. A modal operation switches from one mode to another.
      Contrast with non-modal.
      Not mode oriented. A non-modal operation moves from one situation to
      another without apparent mode switching.

      I always get these confused. In Notetab, the Find is non-modal and the
      Options is modal. Have I finally got that straight or is it the other
      way around.
      Regards ... Alec

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      > --- In ntb-scripts@y..., "Alec Burgess" <burale@a...> wrote:
      >> Have you used / compared PowerPro to AutoIt!? I've been
      >> lurking on both lists without actually using either for
      >> writing/running scipts. I'd got the impression that PowerPro
      >> was more "powerful" and "flexible" though maybe its just the
      >> impression I get from the tone of the user groups.
      > Hi Alec,
      > This is the first I've heard of PowerPro. I loaded it last
      > night. If it has similarities to AutoIt, I couldn't find them;
      > what in particular are you thinking of? Obviously its primary
      > focus is its menu'ing shell interface, but I do see that it
      > has scripting as well.
      > My AutoIt example showed using an AutoIt message box in a
      > Notetab clip; I can't even find message box capability in
      > PowerPro. The Message Box I used was only one of many
      > variations offered in AutoIt. Mine had "OK", and it stayed
      > topmost but didn't demand the focus. Among the many available
      > options were:
      > Buttons:
      > OK, OK-Cancel, Abort-Retry-Ignore, Yes-No-Cancel, Yes-No,
      > Retry-Cancel Icon:
      > None, Iconhand, Iconquestion, Iconexclamation, or Iconasterisk
      > Behavior:
      > Applmodal, Systemmodal, Taskmodal
      > That's a lot of flexibility <g>
      >> I wasn't positive that PowerPro even had a command line
      >> interface but it looks like (from a search of the Help) that
      >> it is there.
      > Again, please give an example. I'm not disputing you, but I
      > can't find that either <g>. Does the menu/shell have to be
      > resident to use command lines?
      > Regards,
      > Sheri
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