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526Re: [NTS] sort R2L, count dupes

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  • Thomas Gruber
    Apr 7 8:10 AM
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      if you say right to left, do you mean sorting as if the string was reversed in each record? I'd suggest you write a script that creates a new file with the records (=lines) reversed, then sort that.

      Regarding the duplicates: do you just need the count, or do you want to eliminate them? If you want to eliminate them, you could do that first, by sorting normally, finding the duplicates, and removing them - duplicate is duplicate, whether it is reversed or not. If that reduces the record count significantly, you'd save time for the reversing exercise.
      If you really just want the count that doesn't help for the sort exercise of course.
      Kind regards

      Am 07.04.2012 um 13:03PM schrieb milanboran:

      > Hi NTB-Scripters!
      > Using NoteTab, right now I try to crack a problem re a large list, ca
      > 2mio records, stripped all other stuff away, so that only the strings
      > that need sorting remain. But I need to sort backwards, from right to
      > left. Then the duplicates need to be counted. Right now only the
      > R2L-sorting and the dupe-counting remain. Any ideas? Is there a plugin
      > for this?
      > So far spread sheets or database programs seam not to do it per se or I
      > simply do not know how to, yet ;) But it would be much easier, if
      > NoteTab could do it right with the text file in it, so no export/import
      > would be necessary.
      > Any help is much appreciated. This is not an Easter Egg, but you can
      > count it as an Easter Greeting :)
      > Thank you in advance and best wishes,
      > Milan
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