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524Re: [NTS] sort R2L, count dupes

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  • Don
    Apr 7, 2012
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      While I'm sure we can figure it out with a script/clip, I'm clueless
      what you are talking about.

      Maybe a small before and after sample and you will get a much bigger
      response on the clips list. I'll copy there and await your example.

      On 4/7/2012 7:03 AM, milanboran wrote:
      > Hi NTB-Scripters!
      > Using NoteTab, right now I try to crack a problem re a large list, ca
      > 2mio records, stripped all other stuff away, so that only the strings
      > that need sorting remain. But I need to sort backwards, from right to
      > left. Then the duplicates need to be counted. Right now only the
      > R2L-sorting and the dupe-counting remain. Any ideas? Is there a plugin
      > for this?
      > So far spread sheets or database programs seam not to do it per se or I
      > simply do not know how to, yet ;) But it would be much easier, if
      > NoteTab could do it right with the text file in it, so no export/import
      > would be necessary.
      > Any help is much appreciated. This is not an Easter Egg, but you can
      > count it as an Easter Greeting :)
      > Thank you in advance and best wishes,
      > Milan
      > -
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