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509RE: [NTS] regular expression to find anything up to two spaces in a row ...

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  • John Shotsky
    Jun 18, 2011
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      Negative classes work by individual characters only. You could change any instance of two spaces to a token character,
      then negate class that, but that's probably even more work.



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      Subject: Re: [NTS] regular expression to find anything up to two spaces in a row ...

      Hi Axel,

      It is part of a longer expression. It is on a single line.
      (.+?) {2,}

      Don't know why I was struggling I guess ... other than I was trying to
      say "anything but two spaces". This works fine -- but is there a way to
      actually say anything but two spaces? Things inside of [ and ] continue
      to baffle me at the moment. How do I say not something specific?

      Thank you for the prompt help!

      On 6/18/2011 11:21 AM, Axel Berger wrote:
      > Don wrote:>
      >> I want to find and capture everything and anything unless until I
      >> encounter two spaces in a row ...
      > You don't specify how general you need it to be. There may be more than
      > one of those several space markers or none and the marker may be more
      > than two spaces in a row. And you will need to find more than one line,
      > I think. This caters for all of these:
      > ^!Jump TEXT_START
      > :loop
      > ^!Find "(?s)(.+?)( {2,})" RSTI1
      > ^!IfError rest
      > ^!Continue
      > ;^!MoveCursor 2
      > ^!Find "(?s)( {2,})" RSTI
      > ^!Jump SELECT_END
      > ^!Goto loop
      > :rest
      > ^!Find "(?s)(.+)" RSTI
      > ^!Continue
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