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480WScript pop-up over executing clip

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  • ebbtidalflats
    Jun 13, 2010
      Hi Y'all,

      I've got a weird problem. I want to run an external timer (Wscript) to pop-up a window over the currently executing clip wizard.

      The problem is, the pop-up doesn't get focus when a clip is running.
      There is be a way to force focus on an external window, BUT

      1. the window doesn't exist until the pop-up command
      (Wscript.echo) or MsgBox(...) etc

      2. The pop-up must be cleared by the user, so there are no
      other script commands possible until AFTER the pop-up

      So either way I can't think of a way to force the pop-up into focus.

      Does anyone have any idea how to get around the clip wizard's focus?



      CC to the Clips group.