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44Re: [NTS] Hotkeys for clips using Windows shortcuts

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  • Jody
    Sep 10, 2002
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      Hi Sheri,

      >I think you can get what you're after by adding to the end of
      >the "Turn On" and "Turn Off" clips:

      But then that would take me out of NoteTab when I do not want to
      when clicking on them manually.

      >You might also want to consider doing something else than you do
      >for Turn Off, because as it is (at least in Noteback), the
      >Clipboard checking doesn't stop. If instead you used a hotkey to
      >run a clip in a different library without OnClipboardChange, it
      >would also disable your Pasteback, presumeably freeing up
      >considerable resources.

      Yes, you are right and it has caused a few problems over the
      years (not actually turning OnClipboardChange off, but just
      exiting the Clip if I set the variable to tell it to exit when I
      want it "off"), but not enough for me to bother with it. <g> I'm
      sort of the type of guy that I'm so busy that things that only
      cause me very minor annoyances far and few between I don't mess
      with changing them until a real need arises. Actually, I run a
      number of Clips from the Clipbar that I indeed need to exit the
      Library and once it does what it does, normally sending something
      to Eudora, I have it switch back into the Library so I can use my
      version of NoteBack. I wear out that Library. <bg> It saves me,
      gee, 1000 hours a week, month, who knows, but it is lots and lots
      and lots.

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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