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432Complicated search and replace expression

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  • afzalnj
    Jan 14, 2009
      I need to use the search and replace function. here's what i wanna do
      Note: I have not used any regular expressions here...

      i wanna find this:

      and replace it by

      now...the name "activeprofile.py" has to be the variable as its not
      the same for every entry

      so its something like this
      Find this:

      and replace it with:

      where * is whatever the filename is...and it should not get replaced

      also if its possible can i search for

      and replace it with

      where ^ is what was in the place of ^ when text was found
      and * is what was in the place of *

      plz help me and reply quickly...this is a pkg script for a SIS file
      (for symbian installation)

      Thank you very much in advance

      ok, i can now find the text i want to replace using this Regular


      but how to replace it so it looks something like this


      where (\w+) remains unchanged??
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