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427Re: [NTS] Changing CR & LF

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jun 12, 2008
      HI Alec,

      This says it all: "learning others I may not have even realized exist"

      I had originally coded the Trim as:

      ^!Keyboard ALT+M O &100 L O &100 T

      But it didn't work so I did the

      ^!Keyboard ALT+M L T

      which did work, but is esoteric.

      After learning about ^!Toolbar, I tried as it would be self-documenting:

      ^!Toolbar Trim Blanks

      but that didn't work because, as you know, it's not on a toolbar! So
      I gave up and went back to what worked.

      So thanks for the tip. I didn't know about the ^!Select ALL or ^!Menu
      until now. It is much better and is what I had wanted to do all along.

      Getting back to the Clip Help file it is huge and I find I spend a huge
      amount of time searching it, even for stuff I have seen before let alone
      commands or techniques of which I am not aware. There are not
      enough internal links and the organization is frequently not the way
      that I think. To find all these tidbits I would need to read the file end
      to end a few times which would take forever. In the meantime, I am
      collecting the various command names that I use or that look promising
      into a single sorted file. Maybe that will help. Thankfully there is this list
      that reap the benefit of other eyes reading the help file, like

      "trying to drive an external window from within Notetab" ?? Was ist??

      Thanks again, Art

      At 6/12/2008 08:39 PM, you wrote:
      >On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 6:54 PM, Art Kocsis
      ><<mailto:artkns%40sbcglobal.net>artkns@...> wrote:
      > > ;##### New, RegEx Clip. Takes a fraction of a second on even very large
      > files
      > >
      > > ^!StatusShow Running Single Space
      > > ^!Toolbar Select All
      > > ^!Keyboard ALT+M L T
      > > ^!Replace "\R+" >> "^%NL%" ARSTW
      > > ^!Jump Doc_Start
      > >
      >Just a couple of comments Art:
      >As always there are many ways to skin the cat, in Notetab clips. I usually
      >use them is this order:
      >- Native command (looking for a native command in Clip Help assists in
      >learning others I may not have even realized exist)
      >- Menu Command
      >- Toolbar Command (actually I never use these - I think ALL Toolbar
      >commands are available from menu.)
      >- Keyboard Command - avoid like the plague - hard to figure out what they
      >do, may require Waits to work correctly, (however they ARE necessary when
      >trying to drive an external window from within Notetab)
      > > ^!Toolbar Select All
      > > ^!Keyboard ALT+M L T
      > >
      >would be:
      > > ^!select ALL
      > > ; or optionally ^!Menu Edit/"Select All";
      > > ^!Menu Modify/Lines/Trim Blanks"
      >what say the rest of the regular contributors?
      >Regards ... Alec
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