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411RE: [NTS] Changing CR & LF

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jun 3 8:16 PM
      Hi John,

      Thanks for the tip. I wonder how many other settings in the options have I
      not seen all these years. Actually, setting the "Options | Documents |
      Format Save As:" to "windows" DOES
      work for existing documents (unless you have over ridden the setting via a
      right click). It even
      works for docs that are already loaded. Try it. Load some docs of various
      types, change the
      "save as" mode and then right click on the tabs to verify the "save as"
      mode. Anyway, what
      used to take forever (30 seconds or more for large files) is now down to
      less than a second.
      RegEx rocks!!! [But I do wish it had easier syntax.]

      Yes, I knew you did your clip processing between the two replace
      statements. However, my
      first attempt at a one liner didn't work so I tried your sequence. Then
      comparing them I found
      I had missed a caret before the %NL%. RegEx is nice but it is extremely
      picky about syntax.

      Regarding the Unicode, I don't run into Unicode files very often but did
      discover that copy and
      save trick. I noticed that the "Options | General | Protect Unicode Files"
      had been checked by
      default. Would unchecking it eliminate the need to copy and save? I don't
      have a known
      Unicode file to check it out.

      Thanks again, Art

      At 6/3/2008 07:23 AM, John Shotsky wrote:
      >Nice essay.
      >Just for clarification, my usage doesn't use those two clips in sequence -
      >one is used at the beginning, the other is used at the end. I do all the
      >processing within my clip libraries (which
      >now run to thousands of lines) using \n internally. That is, it is an easy
      >form in which to work
      >within the clips, but they are all changed back at exit.
      >In Options, you can change your 'Save As' format, but it will not really
      >affect the document you have opened - it applies to new documents. It is
      >counterintuitive, but if you open a Unicode
      >document, then save it, you will see that it's still in Unicode regardless
      >of the format you have
      >specified for output. You can see this by looking at the file size. If you
      >copy the contents of that document and paste into a new document, then
      >save, you'll see that the file size
      >has reduced by 50%, as it should. This really threw me, because my clips
      >are not designed to run on Unicode documents, so the clip library would
      >just fail miserably. I was getting Unicode
      >from OCR because of wider support for symbols.so now, if I receive Unicode
      >documents, I immediately convert them by copy/paste/save, and go from there.
      >You can
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