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41Re: [NTS] Hotkeys for clips using Windows shortcuts

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  • Julie
    Sep 10, 2002
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      Hi Sheri,

      >You cannot be operating from a library with a clip named:
      >OnClipBoardChange in it. It makes no difference what is done in the
      >OnClipBoardChange. The best way to get around it is to temporarily
      >rename the clip. There also cannot be an OnClipBoardChange clip in
      >the library from which you are highlighting a clip for hotkey. What
      >happens in this case, is the clip "hangs" at the point that it should
      >be editing the shortcut properties (to insert the startup directory
      >and hotkey chosen).

      Both of the clips that I initially couldn't activate with the shortcut keys
      contained OnClipBoardChange, and used a different ini file. I had no
      problem creating the clip shortcuts, though, through your clip. (This is
      Win98 is it makes a difference at all.)

      >(Julie, if you tell me where on the Start Menu ShortCuts Map goes and its
      >shortcut name, I'll add that as other option).

      The default path to the program is "C:\Program Files\Shortcuts
      Map\shctmap.exe". It's not in it's default location on the start menu.

      >Julie, I'm not sure I understand where your Hotkeys shortcuts are
      >now. It is my understanding from the documentation that hotkeys are
      >not recognized from the launch menu on the Taskbar, so surely not
      >there. Why/what is the menu you mentioned on your taskbar? The idea
      >of the hotkeys is to use the keyboard, not to click an icon <g>. When
      >the hotkey is working properly, your press the Ctrl+Alt+(assigned
      >character) and it is just as if the clip was run from a clipbar or
      >from clicking the clip in the clipbook.

      The shortcuts are in a folder called Hotkeys on the start menu. When I
      couldn't get them to work as shortcut keys, I decided to have them
      accessible through a Toolbar. What I did was right click on the Taskbar,
      went to Toolbars, New Toolbar, browsed to the Hotkeys folder, and created a
      new toolbar from the contents of the folder with the intent of using the
      clips that didn't seem to want to work with the keyboard shortcuts (whew).
      Suddenly though I could use the keyboard shortcuts to run the clips(?).
      These two clips contain the ^!Pasteback command and are used outside of
      Notetab, so even being able to click on them without having to open/switch
      to Notetab was very nice :-).

      I do prefer the keyboard... which is why a program like Shortcuts Map comes
      in very handy. I open all the most frequently used programs with three
      fingers <G>.

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