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404Re: [NTS] Changing CR & LF - clip addendum

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  • loro
    Jun 1, 2008
      I wrote:
      >If you instead use the disk search (F3) I think it'll work. I don't
      >know regex, so I won't go there, but I know it works when I use the
      >NTP tokens for LF and CRLF, ^L and ^P. No reason it shouldn't work
      >with rexexp.

      But you want to do it with a clip, right? I sort of missed that part. :-)

      You could use ^$GetFileText()$ to grab the text from the disk file,
      ^$StrReplace()$ to replace all ^L with ^P and ^!TextToFile to save
      the result. If you use the same file name as the original file it
      will be replaced, so the result will be the same as if you'd used
      ^!Replace. Make the clip reload the document in Notetab (I'm assuming
      the document has been open and focused from start). From there you
      should be able to go on with your clip as planned.

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