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400Is there or can there be a script for article page creation

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  • Doug Offen
    May 1, 2008
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      Hello N-tabbers

      I would like to do some article site building with NoteTab. I am not
      good at making scripts and I was leaning toward using WordPress with
      all its widgets and such as an alternative.

      I wouldn't need all the php files ala WordPress because the author is
      static, the layout is static and many of the pics and advertisement
      are static.

      What I would like to do is have some way of scripting a template to
      insert the title in several places and the body of an article. That
      might need some kind of file merge using a folder of files and a template.

      I am using 4.95 and I suspect I'll have to upgrade to 5.? but that
      isn't a real problem.

      In addition to merging the new article into the page I would like to
      have some rotating information included as the page is built. Similar
      to a random quote type function. Can NoteTab take a text file and
      insert randomly a line of text into several points on the page. Can
      the same be done with a list of banners - perhaps through a single
      file with a different banner or picture link info on each line that
      can be randomly selected and inserted.

      The end result would be a series of html files with different but
      related articles on each page. I guess I'll have to find a way to
      update an index too. Sounds tough.

      If it is not with in the capabilities of NoteTab then I guess it's


      Doug Offen
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