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399Re: Hello (Reg. Exp. Find and Replace, coding question)!

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  • copyacademyperfect
    Apr 14, 2008
      --- In ntb-scripts@yahoogroups.com, "Don - HtmlFixIt.com" <don@...>

      > Some padding things in notetab:

      Thank You! I'll try your Jedi mind tricks, one by one. I am so very
      green I hafta read everything four, five or six times while focusing on
      some manual in another window while jotting down the code. If I only
      had known/explored the ^!if and ^!set commands (for example) last night.

      > Are you doing this with a clip?

      I have recently (four days?) started to use NoteTab. I've only
      searched/replaced files all days now. I have also discovered NoteTab's
      excellent ways of fixing and dealing with lines. But from what I
      understand, "clipping" is something I'll play with quite abit.

      > I have spent half of my life doing zero padding.

      I've spent more than half of my life (=24/33years) using computers
      doing "zero coding" (=not any at all). Why? You can really utilize your
      machine with it, and do all those little things you wish was
      implemented in various software. Suddenly I am issuing commands from
      one application into another in commandlines without opening any
      window. This is great when you're working with pictures/audio, like I
      do. Thank You NoteTab!

      And thanks Don. 'tis really nice of you to take the time. Appriciate it.

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