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384Re: [NTS] Sorry to bother once more.

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Feb 4, 2008
      janderri wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I've owned NoteTab Pro for a few years now, but it is only of recently
      > that I've been digging most of the helpfiles, and need it some special things to do.
      > Until 2007 I've used it primarily for quite normal text-processing, silly, I know :)
      > But the find/replace/regexpr spaghetti is quite beyond my hat, especially because there's simply no single logic in it.
      > For example, in the Find method you use a special string to search for some nexline-sequence, while in the replace field you need another string to get the same thing done.
      > Some of the thousands of things i want to do, but haven't been able yet is :
      > 1) Search for a line beginning with - and make the following char Uppercase (only if this char is not another - sign).
      > 2) Make the first char uppercase, only if the previous line ended with a period (.) or questionmark (?)
      > 3) Search for a comma (,) followed by anything, as long as if it's not a linebreak OR a digit, and add a space after it if so.
      > 4) Change the uppercase of the first char of a line ONLY if the previous line ended with textchar OR dot (.) or questionmark (?), if the previous line ended with digit, look at the 2nd previous line and check for the same line-ending. Only then make first char Uppercase.
      > 5) and last but not least, wouldn't it be nice to have a real forum for discussion/help, like for example http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/ ?
      > Thanks for the help, I'm only learning and I'm completely stumped.

      First, you aren't bothering anybody. This usergroup is for people who
      are interested in this stuff.

      Second, you wrote the scripts list and that is the least used list here
      probably. It is a subset of the clips list for the most part I suspect.
      You will get a quicker answer to this question on the clips list.

      Regex is confusing as all get out -- and so powerful it will stand your
      hair on end (well not literally).

      Each of the things you suggest can be done I think with a regex search
      and replace.

      Regex is NOT unique to notetab, it is used in most common languages like
      php, perl, etc. Regex stands for Regular Expressions. Reading them is
      like a foreign language -- and not an easy one at that. I am just
      beginning to understand it myself.

      Sometimes people here just say use this, so I do and it works. Some of
      the people some of the time will actually take the time to comment the
      regex and that makes it so much more valuable to those of us trying to
      learn. It's wonderful when they have the time to do that.

      As to forums, well I guess we all use this and it is what they set up.
      I happen to like it just fine and know I can always search the archive.
      I do wonder if we would not do better with a google group (better
      search-ability), but then there is all of this old stuff here. I don't
      know and it isn't my call, so I don't worry about it.

      I'm sure others will actually answer your question.
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