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378Re: [NTS] Notetab 5.5 script timing differences from NTB4.95

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  • hsavage
    Jan 5, 2008
      Rob Springer wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I seem to be having some issues with scripts that ran
      > fine under 4.95, but the timing of the script commands
      > is having problems on 5.5.
      > The scripts tend to combine both ^!keyboard commands
      > and straight line text entry. The keyboards commands
      > were basically for moving around in the document.
      > What's happening is stuff is ending up out of position,
      > or not entered at all.
      > A keyboard delay seems to work around the issue.
      > Anybody else run into this on 5.5?
      > Thanks,
      > Rob


      Many users experienced this problem. There were many emails pertaining
      to it.

      I assumed the newer input control was more efficient, thus faster, than
      the old control thereby requiring an added delay between keystrokes.

      I have several clips that depend heavily on ^!KeyBoard commands and
      luckily I had fewer problems than most, but almost invariably adding a
      ^!KeyBoardDelay 1 or ^!KeyBoardDelay 2 command at the beginning of the
      clip solved any problems I had.

      I, also, haven't noticed any degradation in speed of execution of those

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