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365Re: [NTS] Re: Dot matching newlines??

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  • Alan C
    Nov 1 12:35 PM
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      On Nov 1, 2007 11:47 AM, Sheri <silvermoonwoman@...> wrote:
      > --- In ntb-scripts@yahoogroups.com, "Alan C" <acummingsus@...> wrote:
      [ very accustomed to options at end of regex ]
      > Perl supports internal and external options. PCRE also supports
      > internal and external options, but leaves the interface up to the
      > calling program. PHP, which also uses PCRE, uses pattern delimiters
      > similar to Perl. The only external option NoteTab exposes to the user
      > is exact vs caseless matching. And that is done by way of checkbox in
      > the dialog or as an option letter for the clip commands (not as a
      > letter outside a pattern delimiter). NoteTab is likely using some PCRE
      > external options itself (like setting multiline by default). The user
      > has access to only to internal option settings (except caselessness
      > where you can use either one).
      > > pcre only applies to the match side of an expression in Notetab.
      > > Or, do I have some of this backwards?
      > no, that's correct.

      Oh, so Perl can do it either way, either 1. (internal) by including
      (?s) at the start of the pattern or 2. (external ie letter outside of
      a pattern delimiter) option(s) at the end of the regex.

      Guess I'd either forgotten or else had just grown so accustomed to
      using option(s) at the end of the regex (in Perl).

      My fault for using Perl too much, I suppose. (I'd already been using
      Perl and rather than grasp how to make Notetab do or behave like I'd
      been doing with Perl, I just kept using Perl).

      O.T. from next to end (subject is running Win apps integrated into the
      Linux desktop)

      But, then again, I'm using Linux too much nowadays these days as well
      . . . Kinda grows (bit by bit over time) on a person. Don't get
      hooked. Or, do get hooked if that's what you want. Virtual machine
      are handy nowadays, just need a bit of ram; then run two or three
      different O.S. all at once.

      I hope to soon check out virtualbox

      reputed to have a way to (on Linux) run a Win O.S. with Win hidden in
      the background and to seamlessly integrate into your Linux desktop,
      whatever or whichever Win apps you want.

      You can buy a new Dell nowadays with Linux on it. (I don't know if
      that's a sign of a trend or not).

      Wine (Linux software) has been going that/this route too -- a (Windows
      app) "Notetab" window just as if it's a part of the Linux desktop
      (rather than to fire up any Win apps in a seperate or special "for Win
      apps" window or go through a special procedure just to use Win apps)

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