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359Dot matching newlines??

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  • Rob Springer
    Oct 31, 2007

      PCRE lists it has a "dotall" mode that allows for the . character to
      also match any sort of line feed / CRs also.

      Is there a way to turn on this option in NTB5.5??


      From the PCRE guide:

      Outside a character class, a dot in the pattern matches any one
      character in the subject string except (by default) a character that
      signifies the end of a line. In UTF-8 mode, the matched character may
      be more than one byte long.

      When a line ending is defined as a single character, dot never matches
      that character; when the two-character sequence CRLF is used, dot does
      not match CR if it is immediately followed by LF, but otherwise it
      matches all characters (including isolated CRs and LFs). When any
      Unicode line endings are being recognized, dot does not match CR or LF
      or any of the other line ending characters.

      The behaviour of dot with regard to newlines can be changed. If the
      PCRE_DOTALL option is set, a dot matches any one character, without
      exception. If the two-character sequence CRLF is present in the
      subject string, it takes two dots to match it.

      The handling of dot is entirely independent of the handling of
      circumflex and dollar, the only relationship being that they both
      involve newlines. Dot has no special meaning in a character class.
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