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358NoteTab 5.5 (including NoteTab Light) now released

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 5, 2007
      Hi everyone,

      We're pleased to announce the release of NoteTab 5.5, including
      NoteTab Light.

      You will find the upgrade information through NoteTab's "Check for
      Updates" feature, which is available from the Help menu. If you don't
      see the version 5.5 info in the News and Updates window, make sure you
      click on the "Get headlines" button at the top-left of the dialog box to
      refresh the list.

      Improvements since previous update:

      * Updated the regular expressions engine to the latest release, which is
      based on PCRE 7.4. The \R newline sequence now matches either CRLF, or a
      lone CR, or a lone LF.

      * Changed method on Windows XP and Vista to determine default location
      of folder for user settings. Fixes issues on some systems that have
      corrupted registry keys.

      * Restored the MS-Office Sounds setting in the Options dialog box (View
      tab). This option is only available if you have installed the sounds on
      your system. Download details here:

      * Fixed a minor display issue on Windows Vista that caused toolbar
      button delimiters to draw incorrectly.

      * Fixed an issue on Windows Vista that caused some buttons and
      checkboxes in dialogs to disappear when pressing the "Alt Gr" button
      (special button available on some keyboards for accessing a third
      character on a key).

      * Fixed a text-flicker issue in NoteTab Pro when it is run on slower

      * Fixed issue with incorrect total page count sometimes printed in Page

      * Fixed issue with Partial Loading option failing to work.

      * Fixed a weakness in the Clip parser.

      * Added new Clip command:
      ^!IfFileUnicode "FileName" GoToLabelTrue [ELSE GoToLabelFalse]
      Jumps to specified label if FileName is a Unicode text file or UTF-8 Web

      * Updated documentation.


      Eric Fookes