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352Re: I need a script - can anyone perform?

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  • Sheri
    Aug 17, 2007
      --- In ntb-scripts@yahoogroups.com, "rodaries" <notetabpro@...> wrote:
      > I had originally sent this to Jody Adair, but learned of his recent
      > passing :((

      We miss him.

      > is there a script or a way that notetab can give me a list of every
      > file I have open in notetab

      That can be done easily using clipcode (NoteTab's native script
      language). Are you familiar with how to implement clips? Join the
      Clips List at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips if you need
      help with that. The following code will do what you ask:

      H="List Open Docs"
      ^!Setscreenupdate off
      ^!Set %i%=0
      ^!Set %mydocs%=""
      ^!Inc %i%
      ^!If ^%i%>^$GetDocCount$ Out
      ^!Setdocindex ^%i%
      ^!Set %mydocs%=^%mydocs%^$GetDocName$^%NL%
      ^!Goto Loop
      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!InsertText ^%mydocs%
      ^!ClearVariable %mydocs%
      ^!ClearVariable %i%
      ;end of clip

      All loaded docs can also be shown in the Quick List (toggled with F6).

      An alternative (unscripted) approach to making a text list would be to
      copy the doc list from the Quick List panel to the clipboard, then
      paste to a new document; however this requires a 3rd party program.
      CopyText (freeware) from http://www10.pair.com/vsap/FreeSoft.html
      works for me. You basically put the mouse over the Quick List panel,
      activate CopyText with a hotkey, then select Copy All to get the list
      on the clipboard.

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