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348Re: [NTS] Command Parameters to run NoteTab Prom NotePro.ini, clipbooks from USB key ?

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  • Alan C
    Aug 11, 2007
      On 8/10/07, tuttle.grey <tuttle@...> wrote:
      > I copied the NoteTab Pro 5.3 directories to a USB flash drive. I want
      > to run NoteTab Pro from that drive, along with my preferences
      > (NotePro.ini) and my modified clipbook libraries of HTML.clb and
      > CSS1.clb.
      > [ . . ]
      > "E:\NoteTab Pro 5.3\NotePro.exe" /USB
      > [ loads Notetab but saves ini to main HD not to USB ]
      > How and where do I use this command parameter to force everthing to be
      > done on the USB drive?

      You can't (AFAIK) (given if there's also a Notetab on the HD with it's ini
      in app data) (or if there's a notepro.ini under the app data folder area on
      this computer).

      Backup first, prior to making changes!

      But, to get Ntab to use an ini under the Ntab app/program folder: 1. cannot
      have an Ntab ini (notepro.ini) under the app data HD folder area when Ntab
      starts. 2. To do this, (AFAIK) Notetab must find notepro.ini "only"
      underneath the USB HD's Notetab program folder when your USB Notetab starts.

      This means the notepro ini under app data (AFAIK) on main HD must be

      Notetab (AFAIK) does not (any longer*) support two different Notetab
      installations on the same computer without the overwriting of some files
      (clip librarys etc.) taking place under the app data area.

      * I said any longer because a long time ago notetab did not even use the app
      data area. Back then all data and config was under the Ntab app folder. Was
      EZ to have two or three Notetab installs -- just name the program folders

      But then MS Windows changed -- into "cannot write to ini" *except* if it's
      in app data area. *unless* have administrator priveleges then can write to
      ini under the program folder.

      Correspondingly, at that time, Ntab's "default" ini location changed to the
      app data area.

      I wonder if on your O.S. you need admin privelege to write to ini on USB

      That's "roughly" about the extent of what I know.


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