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341Re: Can NoteTab interact with a VB program?

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  • acummingsus
    Oct 9 12:06 PM
      --- In ntb-scripts@yahoogroups.com, Challenger1601@a... wrote:
      > Am looking for a way to send html into an editor from within a
      program, and
      > return any edits made back to the program for additional use. Is
      there an
      > activeX or dll that can call notetab from within a visual basic

      I'm not aware of any.

      Or is
      > there another way I could accomplish this same task using NoteTab?

      I saw the pasteboard idea from Rick.

      Also of note is that Notetab may be controlled *very* well from the
      command line. If the VB proggy can launch a commandline (command)
      then you *can* do it.

      Try search the Yahoo web archives here and *especially* also such
      archives at the other list, ntb-clips which is the clips emailing
      list. There have been *many* excellent posts in the clips archives
      that are relevant here. search for: commandline also try command line

      Also try relevant. for example:


      command console

      also it's in the Notetab help somewhere. it's about how to for a
      command line (command) that will launch Notetab with a certain file to
      edit annd then also will run a clip that performs desired operations
      on said file and then also save the changes and even finally close
      Notetab if you want to do so.

      then all remains to do is to draw in the changed file into your program.

      Can WSH (windows scripting host) do anything for you? If so then you
      might also post to the clips list (ntb-clips) where there's a
      participant, Grant, who programs WSH with Notetab clips. I do not
      know if Grant is subscribed to this ntb-scripts list or not.

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