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317kwic Key Word In Context + links to HT's "A Corpus Worker's Toolkit"

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  • acummingsus
    Aug 18, 2005
      (cc'd to ntb-scripts as well since it uses/needs Perl)

      A new file has just been uploaded to the ntb-clips files area:

      For now, it's there in the clips files area. I'll try again later
      here. But so far it misfired when I tried to upload here to the ntb-
      scripts files area.

      Also, this kwic_files.zip, contains links to HT's (it's free) "A
      Corpus Worker's Toolkit".

      Useage: Enter a word to search (searches curr doc in Notetab).

      Outputs to a new doc in Notetab.

      "word" comes out centered with text from curr doc on both the right
      hand and the left hand side of "word".

      Imagine yanking a copy of each line containing "word".

      But this goes one step further: it works around line breaks whenever
      needed in order to guarantee X (always a consistent) amount of text
      outputted on either side of "word".



      If peruse, be sure at first to see readme.txt in that same location
      near/next_to the kwic_files.zip.

      (to view such readme, from web browser, can select then copy then
      paste into Notetab)