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295RE: [NTS] Any script language can work with Notetab?

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  • Grant MacKenzie
    Jul 18, 2004
      >Could any one show me how to use the RunScript command? Thanks!
      >Why don't just publish the clip language source, let us fully
      >understand what it is mean and make it more completely?

      Your examples ...

      This is your test1.js:
      Note: CScript is the command prompt.. console version of the WSH

      ^!TextToFile "^$GetScriptPath$test1.js" WScript.Echo('hello world')
      ^!Info ^$GetOutput(CScript "^$GetScriptPath$test1.js" //nologo)$

      This is test3.vbs:
      Note I'm reverting to wscript in this case
      Ref to Windows Script Host documentation for why...

      ^!TextToFile "^$GetScriptPath$test3.vbs" MsgBox "Why is it so hard?"
      ^!Info ^$GetOutput(WScript "^$GetScriptPath$test3.vbs")$

      This is your test2.js: Note; It's only 2 lines the email client cause a

      ^!TextToFile "^$GetScriptPath$test2.js" try{var NoteTabApp = new
      ^!Info ^$GetOutput(CScript "^$GetScriptPath$test2.js" //nologo)$

      I'm afraid no go....
      NoteTab functionality is not exposed as COM object...

      IMO the way Notetab handles console i/o makes it a great text editor
      Continue to play... you'll soon get the swing rocking.

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