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286Re: [NTS] Double delete option for keywords

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  • Larry Thomas
    Apr 20, 2004
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      Hi jaanis,

      At 05:56 PM 4/20/04 -0000, you wrote:

      >How do I import and run a clip?

      Here is a clip for you:

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      H="Sorting Clip"
      ;lrt@... e¿ê
      ;04/20/2004, 02:51:31 PM
      ^!IfFalse ^$IsEmpty(^$GetSelection$)$ Skip_2
      ^!Info [L]You must select some lines to be^psorted and run this clip again.
      ^!Goto Exit
      ^!InsertText ^$StrSort("^$GetSelection$";False;True;True)$
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |

      1. Press F4 to open the left clipbook panel.
      2. You need to create a library (clipbook) of your own if you do not
      already have one.
      If you use one of the existing libraries, it can be replaced when you

      3. To create a clip library go to the top of the open clipbook panel where
      you see the library
      name and right click your mouse on it. Select "New". Type in a name
      for it and click ok
      and you are done.
      4. Now copy the clip above to the clipboard then right click over the
      lower part of the clipbook
      and click on "Add from Clipboard" and the new clip will be added.

      To use the new clip, go to a document where you have a list to be sorted.
      Select/highlight the lines of the list to be sorted and then double click
      on the name of the new clip that you just added and the list will be sorted
      and any duplicates will be removed.

      You can press F4 to close the clipbook panel when you are don if you wish.
      You can also find your new library listed on a button at the bottom of the
      NoteTab window which you can click to open and close the Clipbook panel.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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