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281Re: [NTS] Why won't this Perl script run in NTP?

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  • jelkscabaniss@yahoo.com
    Mar 23, 2004
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      "Sheri" wrote:
      > I believe you are describing the infamous Ansi 26 problem that
      > arises when you use Perl 8 with Notetab.

      Ah, I had seen the fairly recent "ANSI 26 Character" thread in the
      archives and didn't make the connection. ANSI (or more lowest
      common denominator, ASCII) 26 is indeed CTRL+Z.

      > I guess it might depend on what font you're using, but to me
      > they look like little box characters in Notetab.

      I see other people are seeing a little box too. That's curious.
      I'm using Courier New, which shows it on my system as a little right-
      pointing arrow. (I didn't know at the time what that was, so I
      looked at the file in a hex editor.)

      > This is the workaround I use. I add the
      > following processing into the while <> loop to scripts I use in
      > Notetab:
      > if (eof && $] > 5.006) {
      > $badchar = chr(26);
      > s/($badchar)$//;
      > }

      Ah, that's good to know, thank you.

      For this case, I think I'll just keep the ^!Replace following the
      script, since the script is updated fairly frequently and a simple ^!
      Replace will save me editing the script each time with that

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