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279Re: [NTS] Why won't this Perl script run in NTP?

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  • jelkscabaniss@yahoo.com
    Mar 22, 2004
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      BTW, I noticed this script embeds a CTRL+Z (visible in NTP as a
      little right-pointing arrow) right before the final
      inserted "</p>". I don't know enough about Perl (or its interaction
      with NTP) to know what might cause it -- it doesn't happen when run
      from the command line. Has anyone seen this before with running
      Perl scripts on documents in NTP?

      Currently I'm just doing a

      ^!Replace "" >> "" WAST

      to get rid of it (don't know if the literal CTRL+Z will show up in
      the posted email or not), but it would be nice more about what's
      causing it.


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