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262Re: [NTS] The ANSI 26 character

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  • Sheri
    Dec 21, 2003
      Hi Alan,

      The StdError.err file gets deleted when you start running a Perl script. So if you have it loaded in a document buffer, you have to reload it to see if the current run left any messages.

      The fact that it didn't leave the compile messages makes me think that it didn't run the script, didn't even get to the point of compiling it. It is hard to imagine that it has anything to do with Windows 2000, because I just rebooted my old Windows 98 and tried my code under both Perl 5.6.x and Perl 5.8.0 Build 805. Also tried it substituting escaped box character copied and pasted from an output. All ran fine. All gave the same warning message previously posted. When I used the box character I got two such warning messages and one of them said that "^Z" was not numeric within the line range two. Said it just like that "^Z" in quotes and everything.

      In addition, I ran them as you say you usually do, from inside a clip doc. All variations worked there too. I'm using NTP 4.95 and you probably are as well.

      I really doubt that its Windows 2000, but I guess unless someone else has it and can test, we may never know <g>. I doubt it is that particular build of Perl, since my (even earlier) one runs it under Windows 98.

      I have from time to time had clip documents go bad, with too many or not enough new lines or spaces after the clip header or at the bottom of the document. And the only clue was something was wrong was that sometimes clips I knew should work, didn't. Scared me into thinking I might have a virus once! But since it also doesn't work when running from a .Pl file, that's unlikely (unless the notetab clip that launches ^!runperl is in a bum clip doc).

      Tis a mystery. I would never have thought you were knocking my solution so no need to have said that.

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