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261Re: [NTS] The ANSI 26 character

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  • acummingsus
    Dec 21, 2003
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      On Sun, 21 Dec 2003 11:17:09 -0000, Sheri wrote:
      > Hi Alan,
      [ . . ]

      >> Haven't a clue why they'd run on yours and not mine. Oh, they run
      > here -- but they just empty the doc.
      > That sounds really strange Alan, unless you had a missing semicolon
      > or something. I just cut and pasted from my prior email to a new
      > notetab file and ran your
      > 111
      > 444
      > 222
      > (incl new line after the 222)
      > and the output is shown after the end of this message.
      > Is the StdError.err have a clue or is it missing as well? The posted
      > script of mine that included use strict and use warnings does give a
      > warning in Stderror.err for me, looks like this:
      > Argument "" isn't numeric in addition (+) at D:\PROGRA~1\NOTETA~2
      > \Scripts\figures3.pl line 31, <> line 4.

      by the path it appears you are running it in a way other than what i

      generally i run it (from within a clip library) like the perl script
      in samplecode library does.

      if ($] > 5.006) {

      that's line 7

      Unrecognized character \xA0 at D:\DOCUME~1\fb11_s\LOCALS~1
      \Temp\efo2.tmp line 7.

      and that's a stderror.err but I don't know if it's for this or a
      different script that i had run. that stderr file self deleted
      somehow and right now i cannot get your script to produce a stderr

      inconsistencies at this time surrounding the stderr file. and i
      didn't delete it using clipcode or by any other means. i thought it
      normally just stayed there on disk until i delete it. but not so,
      not at this time here.

      no semi colons missing

      ;^!RunPerl C:\files\docs\addcol.pl
      ^!RunPerl pl_tst

      either of those 2 ways i ran it did same as i reported via former
      post, strips doc

      using box char i haven't had a problem with misinterpretation as "end
      of doc"

      my substitution using escaped box char been working fine here

      i suspect perhaps it has more to do with it is perl ie the perl
      interpreter is the running app or process that is scanning the doc
      using a regex to do so. and, escaped reverts the item from a control
      character to literal. IOW the escaspe tells perl to look for a
      literal box char, not a box char that is a control character.

      I'm not trying to devalue your achievement, not at all, not in any
      way. I do value your contributions and achievements. Your method
      likely is a more formal and informed approach whereas I just
      mechanically experimented until something worked for me. I'm only
      sharing what occurs to me on the matter (that 1 and 1/2 cent thing)
      as well as what happens here.

      Still a mystery to me why yours acts the way it does here.

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