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241Function lookup

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  • blade102071
    Sep 25, 2003
      I am working on a PHP project that uses calls to MANY functions.
      All of the functions are held in a few include files.

      Does anybody know where I can find or how I can implement a clip that
      will allow me to do this? :

      1. Click on a function call on page A.
      2. Have a clip or whatever go to a couple of files that contain MANY
      functions all in the format of " function display_image(...list
      of params...) {" and find the function that I clicked on in page A.
      3. Grab that line of text.
      4. Display some kind of "floating" infobox that contains the line of
      text grabbed on page A.

      This way I can click on a function call and get back an "infobox"
      with the function and its parameters.

      This will make it easy to see whats required and whats optional in
      the parameter list of the function.

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