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238Re: [NTS] RegExp Script Needed to Change a Clip...

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  • Jody
    May 29, 2003
      Hi hrs and others...

      >>^!Replace "." >> "." HTSAI

      I made the Clips I had a number of years ago and had a thought
      that the bots would be smart enough to convert a decimal eMail
      address, so I never used it. A list member and I got in a
      discussion about the javascript types and decimal.

      The member, whom I blind copied (Bcc:), wrote:

      "I have separate email addresses on my websites and I do lots of
      munging on my various sites to keep spam bots out, along with
      htaccess prohibiting 40 or 50 of the spambot programs. And I
      don't get any spam on those addresses

      But since I post on lists, alot at Yahoogroups, eventually they
      pick it up and spam it. There's spammers hiding on most lists
      and harvesting addresses so I use specific addresses (like this
      one) for posting at Yahoogroups and it's really a forward,
      if/when it gets spam, I'll change it slightly and change all my
      list subscriptions at Yahoo too.

      > <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

      The javascript munging is good, but one thing to remember is that
      people who have javascript turned off or are using text only
      browsers can't access the mailto link at all. I use ascii
      encoding to munge my email addresses and the "mailto" part of the
      link as well, that keeps out the bots and I have a long list in
      my htaccess file of spambots that are denied access entirely to
      my sites."

      To be honest with you I have had straight eMail addresses at
      sites for a number of years and never got any SPAM to think of
      and definitely not put on the huge sold mailing lists. I never
      had on the average maybe 50 hits a day at tops. Bots may have
      some order about them, but for some reason I pictures them
      visiting sites at either random or sequentially.

      >I hate to disillusion all the people interested in this process.
      >It is a great exercise in regexp, converting characters to hex
      >and hex back to characters.
      >I converted my own address a while back, until I read, can't
      >remember the exact source, possibly a ZDNet newsletter, at least
      >a year ago that converting email addresses to hex, as is being
      >discussed here, is a waste of time.
      >The author of the piece stated that, spam bots, or, email
      >gathering software is fully capable of decoding these converted

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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