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236Re: [NTS] RegExp Script Needed to Change a Clip...

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  • hsavage
    May 28, 2003
      Jody wrote:

      >Hi RegExpEerts,
      >This is when I go from dec to web:
      >^!Replace "." >> "." HTSAI
      >I know it is not really needed to have it convert back, but I'd like
      to. <g>
      >This is a sample of the list. In short, everything in an eMail address
      >to prevent SPAM bots from harvesting eMail addresses.
      >^!Replace "." >> "." HTSAI
      >^!Replace "-" >> "-" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "@" >> "@" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "_" >> "_" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "a" >> "a" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "b" >> "b" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "y" >> "d" HTSAI
      >^!Replace "z" >> "e" HTSAI
      >Thanks! I'll post all the Clips when done. I have a javascript
      >one but I'm told they aren't as good. I've had the Clips I made
      >from ions ago, but never used them. <bg>

      Hi Folks,

      I hate to disillusion all the people interested in this process. It is
      a great exercise in regexp, converting characters to hex and hex back to

      I converted my own address a while back, until I read, can't remember
      the exact source, possibly a ZDNet newsletter, at least a year ago that
      converting email addresses to hex, as is being discussed here, is a
      waste of time.

      The author of the piece stated that, spam bots, or, email gathering
      software is fully capable of decoding these converted addresses. If
      you're looking for protection from spam you would be better served by
      Anti-Spam and Firewall software or even, self constructed email filters
      in your email client..

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