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226RegExp Script Needed to Change a Clip...

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  • Jody
    May 27, 2003
      Hi RegExpEerts,

      Can somebody please write a script to do a list of ^!Replace
      commands swapping the Find with the Replace with side? I have
      another for Std/Light, but the same Clip will work for both.
      Thanks! I'm too brain dead with lots of work due to the recent
      updates and mass mailing off our subscribed (opt-in)

      This is when I go from dec to web:

      ^!Replace "." >> "." HTSAI

      I know it is not really needed to have it convert back, but I'd like to. <g>

      This is a sample of the list. In short, everything in an eMail address
      to prevent SPAM bots from harvesting eMail addresses.

      ^!Replace "." >> "." HTSAI
      ^!Replace "-" >> "-" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "@" >> "@" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "_" >> "_" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "a" >> "a" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "b" >> "b" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "y" >> "d" HTSAI
      ^!Replace "z" >> "e" HTSAI

      Thanks! I'll post all the Clips when done. I have a javascript
      one but I'm told they aren't as good. I've had the Clips I made
      from ions ago, but never used them. <bg>

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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