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224Re: [NTS] Re: Registry Browser (Notetab+Perl)

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  • Sheri
    May 15, 2003
      Thanks Alan,

      From what you've said, I think that the regedit export file must be a little different in Win 2k than my 98.

      You should only see the names of Values in that second wizard, and not see or get to select again the branch or any subbranches. (I thought "Value Names" were called "Keys" when I wrote that clip).

      I found a glitch in my Perl registry browser too. Turns out "default" Values are unnamed. A ^$StrTrim$ I was using in the clip was removing blank value names.

      I've made some more changes in my Perl regbrowser and I'm not sure why, but multi's and binary values retrieved no longer crash the clip. Now multis display as "Array(...)" and binaries just show up blank.


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