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223Re: [NTS] Re: Registry Browser (Notetab+Perl)

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  • Alan C.
    May 15, 2003
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      On Wed, 14 May 2003 08:35:41 -0400, Sheri wrote:
      >Hi Alan,
      >At 01:06 AM 5/14/03 -0700, you wrote:
      >>>Did you get a chance to try the other one, the custom
      >>>function? I was curious if it works on winvers >�98se.
      >>Just did. �Win 2k. �Works fine on the first recurse it lists subs
      >>as well as the data or value of a key.
      >Hmmn. That one isn't supposed to be listing subs. You supply the
      >sub, it lists the key names in a clip wizard.

      Then what's a sub? I thought it be keys and *sub* keys as in


      sub key underneath the above key:

      >Were you running my
      >"Test GetRegSubKeys" ?


      >>But after choosing a key then it reports the value of key is:
      >>and its blank, nothing listed for value. �i look regedit there's
      >>two values in the key that i picked with your clip
      >Two values in a key? Maybe is a type the Notetab ^$GetRegValue$
      >function doesn't read.

      (if I have my terminology correct) Seems to me that Perl script the other day that created a few new keys did create that one of the keys created had three separate values in it (yes, some were binary probably unreadable by NoteTab). But,

      It was a text value that I was speaking of that your clip displayed on first recurse only.

      As I said, it was read on the first of several what I call recurses. For example, here what I did:

      Actually it was a key the first time then run the clip. I Hard coded the next into the clip:


      run clip. clip dialog comes up with that in the dialog and selected. Then just ok the dialog. Next comes up yet another dialog that shows the initially entered item (can choose it), also shows (it's here the value and its content is shown) the value (registerednotregistered) AND sub keys so as to choose a sub key

      Next, choose from items shown in wizard, choose and ok the same item as initially entered. it's the next dialog is when the listing is blank of any value.

      So, this is what I meant by the statement: any value in the hard coded key is listed/shown on first recurse. Choose same key again and the listing/value_shown comes up blank.

      (I substituted my name I don't really have an app authored by me) but just to show the structure of the reg keys I ran your clip on:



      the value: registeredyesno textdataofyesorno

      the values: several values for tips 2 be displayed



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