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219Re: [NTS] Re: Registry Browser (Notetab+Perl)

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  • Sheri
    May 14 5:35 AM
      Hi Alan,

      At 01:06 AM 5/14/03 -0700, you wrote:

      >>Did you get a chance to try the other one, the custom
      >>function? I was curious if it works on winvers > 98se.
      >Just did. Win 2k. Works fine on the first recurse it lists subs as well as the data or value of a key.

      Hmmn. That one isn't supposed to be listing subs. You supply the sub, it lists the key names in a clip wizard. Were you running my "Test GetRegSubKeys" ?

      >But after choosing a key then it reports the value of key is:
      >and its blank, nothing listed for value. i look regedit there's two values in the key that i picked with your clip

      Two values in a key? Maybe is a type the Notetab ^$GetRegValue$ function doesn't read.

      >I just spent near two hours trying to get something out of win32::tieregistry and i didn't even get it to work at all. i was just a .pl script file with stuff hard coded then in command console: perl tiereg.pl
      >nada, nothing. (it's due to my experience level not sufficient for the task)

      That bites doesn't it <g>

      >i found out that tie in Perl is where like an auto array building ie if reading a folder of files then the tie "pushes" each file onto the front of the array (until all files are read into the array).
      >I'm sure the module capability, utilizes that and can read portion of a reg branch and print out keys, sub keys, and values.
      >I opened win32::tieregistry in NoteTab. It defines shortcuts for the main reg branches ie Lmachine can use instead of the longer hkey_local_machine

      Yes, but not a good idea for clip integration that doesn't recognize the shortcuts. Speaking of shortcuts, I read yesterday that HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG, whose keys Notetab's ^$GetRegValue$ won't read, is a shortcut for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Config. On my computer I found HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Config\0001\etc seems to have the same branches and keys as HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\etc.

      Notetab's ^$GetRegValue$ function works fine when using the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Config\0001\etc key info.

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