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206Re: [NTS] Screen turns black when running a Perl clip

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  • Alan C.
    May 5, 2003
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      On Mon, 05 May 2003 08:44:24 +0200, Piotr Bienkowski wrote:
      >After changing my system to Windows XP Home Ed., when I execute a
      >Perl clip, the screen goes black for a moment, as if the system
      >was momentarily switching to DOS mode, and then the NoteTab
      >screen returns.

      Win 2k some Perl clip momentarily bring up a black command console window. But clip that's initiated via Ntab ^!Runperl not do that, instead just does work on current doc.

      On some Perl newsgroup or mailing list, I observed about wperl.exe

      On my sys, it is in same folder as perl.exe

      The newsgroup post say to use wperl.exe if don't want the dos or command console window popping up.

      I not yet tried it myself. As all my clips use path to perl.exe I would need to momentarily hard code the path to wperl.exe in one of my clips to try it.

      And the wperl.exe may possibly not be intended to be used in conjunction with NoteTab's ^!runperl command (when doing alteration or work on a current document) I don't see a need in this case anyway since I never get a pop up dos or command console window when using ^!runperl and working on current document.

      I write and post this now before I forget. As I currently very busy and put this wperl.exe trial on my todo list.

      If anyone has experience with the wperl.exe or trys it out, please post about it on this list. Thanks.

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