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196Re: [NTS] a clip 4 perl includes a pl script; also, perl's shift function

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  • Sheri
    Mar 1, 2003
      At 12:38 AM 3/1/03 -0800, Alan wrote:
      >BTW I got the Mastering Perl/Tk book, picked up on Ebay, the book not yet arrived.

      I've been reading it online on a 2 week trial subscription at O'Reilly Network Book Safari.


      Not much chance I would become a paying member, but I must admit this is a nice library. I have five or six more days. During the 2 week trial, you can access up to 10 books.

      They use XML in their process btw (not that I know anything about it).

      All I've accessed is MPTK. I don't know what I did, but somehow I managed to trigger an "unusual usage alert" and they sent me an email warning and threatened to lock me out :(

      "Please make sure that you are not running programs that 'speed-up' web browsing; or that spider, crawl, or capture web pages for offline viewing. These types of tools will trigger further alerts and violate the Safari Terms of Service."

      Keep the above in mind if you decide to try it yourself.

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