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194[NTS] cpan .pm on Windows was Re: [Clip] Ad hoc Perl Regexp Replacements

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  • Alan C.
    Feb 28, 2003
      Hi (4 anyone interested, cpan module installation success on Windows activestate perl) (quoted according to sequential order) (I'm unquoted at very bottom such as: Alan C. wrote),
      >>From: Alec Burgess
      >At 10:41 AM 1/20/2003 -0800, Adkins, Brad J wrote:

      >>From: Alec Burgess
      >>Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 10:02 PM
      >>To: ntb-scripts@yahoogroups.c
      >>Specifically: I downloaded a perl utility which is supposed to convert
      >>"msg" files to "mbox" files (I want to import mail cached by Popfile
      >>into Zoe)
      >>This web-site for this utility:
      >>http://www.xs4all.nl/~mvz/software/msgconv.html says :
      >>This program is written in Perl and uses the modules
      >>OLE::Storage_Lite and part of MIME-Tools. OLE::Storage_Lite is used to
      >>parse the .MSG file (It's an OLE compound document). MIME-Tools is
      >>used to put the parts of the message together to create a MIME entity
      >>from it.<<
      >>OLE::Storage_Lite http://search.cpan.org/author/KWITKNR/OLE-
      >>MIME-Tools http://search.cpan.org/author/ERYQ/MIME-tools-5.411a/

      >At 10:41 AM 1/20/2003 -0800, Adkins, Brad J wrote:
      >Here is an except from the README file in the OLE::Storage_Lite
      > This module allows you to read and write an OLE-Structured file.
      > The module will work on the majority of Windows, UNIX and
      > Macintosh platforms.
      > This module requires these modules:
      > IO::Handle (included in IO)
      > IO::File (included in IO)
      > IO::Scalar (included in IO::Stringy)
      > The module can be installed using the standard Perl procedure:
      > perl Makefile.PL
      > make *** nmake on Windows
      > make test *** nmake on Windows
      > make install *** nmake on Windows
      > make clean *** nmake on Windows
      > Windows users without a working "make" can get nmake from:
      > ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Softlib/MSLFILES/nmake15.exe
      >If you follow the instructions under "INSTALLATION", you should have
      >no problems. You will have to get nmake first if you don't already
      >have it. Look under requirements, download and install those first,
      >generally in the order shown, before trying to install
      >Good luck!

      2-28-2003 Alan C. wrote:
      On my ActiveState Perl 5.61 build 633 Win 2k SP2

      Cpan has stuff (the latest things) you can't get anywhere else, not available as ActiveState package etc. (some/portion of it be listed as beta)

      i learning Perl more, just trying with xml, (web services seem cool so does data storage and manipulation)

      Well, yesterday I finally got around to it: I used the procedure listed by Mr. Adkins above with very great success on two Cpan modules. I did everything except I did not do the make clean (I don't even know what that is) (since I'd actually followed instructions from here:

      which match what Mr. Adkins listed except for the make clean

      I used a recent version of WinZip to handle/extract/unzip the tar.gz file.



      those R the 2 modules that I did, used its little "download" link up near the top, I right clicked, chose "save target as"

      I extracted the Microsoft nmake and its err (2 files to my perl\bin folder since such folder is already in my search path).

      I have a "command line here" as an option in my Windows explorer, the right click context menu (power tool item I got from somewhere) makes easy to be in the working directory (root folder obtained from consequence of WinZip useage) so that correct files are operated on when issuing those (nmake, get it made and installed) commands as directed above.

      BTW I (prior to using the above nmake method to manually install) I first tried to use cpan.pm (perldoc cpan) which is a (native activestate installed) shell for cpan. Maybe some Guru from somewhere could get it configured right on Windows. But it just made a mess for me, mirrored files all over the place and ten jillion errors etc. etc. etc. and didn't get anything installed.

      Later. Alan.