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186Re: [NTS] Perl packages for msgconvert (was Ad hoc Perl Regexp Replacements)

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jan 20, 2003
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      Alan (also Brad)

      I should have replied to your first message, Alan: I've got ActiveState
      5.8. I forget whether it was Zoe or Popfile that required it instead of 5.6
      which I had previously (Zoe I think).

      I wanted to get the ".MSG" files cached by Popfile for all incoming email
      before it is handed over to my Outlook Express and see if I could convert
      them to "MBOX" format and use them to drive Zoe. Zoe apparently can import
      ".MBOX" files into its database. I haven't even got Zoe to run successfully

      I'm not sure if there is a way to use Mailbag Assistant to do this - it
      seems unable to import the MSG files that Popfile creates though it can
      import EML files extracted/saved from OE-DBX files. I tried to see what the
      difference is between Popfiles' MSG files and OE's EML files and I'm not
      sure whether MBA's "generic" export format is really an MBOX in disguise.

      From the description of the process that you and Brad gave I think I'll be
      able to muddle through, at least enough to see whether I can create the MBOX
      files. I'm sort of doubtful that even if I can get Zoe to run successfully
      its going to be a long term answer to easy access / lookup of info buried in
      email archives - but just finding out may be interesting ;-)

      I appreciate both your help - my current knowledge of Perl is just enough to
      code a very simple find-replace called from Notetab and the ability to
      execute a program coded in Perl without any real chance of ever being able
      to make significant changes to a running program.

      What I'm *really* waiting for is the next beta release of "Find" from
      http://download.find.com/download.html They've temporarily withdrawn their
      most recent beta as too heavy on resources and buggy to be worth inflicting
      on beta-testers but if/when available it looks like it might be very slick.

      Regards ... Alec

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