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182Re: [NTS] Re: [list_a] Re: [Clip] Ad hoc Perl Regexp Replacements

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  • Alan C.
    Jan 18, 2003
      Hi Alec,

      >I d/l'd both of these (they came as filename.tar.gz) and extracted them to the folder where I had the msgconv.pl.

      not. The .pm may need (after extraction) to be compiled. And the .pm if it work without compilation, is *very critical* where it's placed (usually under perl under site\lib) and then even in the ole folder since it begins with ole (maybe--I just noticed no ole folder exists on mine--but the folder might need to be created unless it doesn't need to be created). Read on, it gets better!

      What Perl distro you have? ActiveState? Cpan? Version? Which Win OS?

      > Windows users without a working "make" can get nmake from:
      > ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Softlib/MSLFILES/nmake15.exe

      You downloaded the source, source code, of which can be made, (compiled) made into a module and installed as a module. Various tools such as the one mentioned above along with compilation needed as well as all the know how that goes along with that.

      cpan unless what you seek states specifically for windows too then it's for Linux. Lot of stuff at cpan probably can be *_*compiled*_* for either OS. Linux comes native with compilers and developer's tools.

      That said, sometime can get away with copy a cpan .pm to a certain folder on a Win 'puter. But the folder has to be exactly rightly named as well as located in the correct spot. And, if works, lucky, a bonus! But i heard it not always work. So, if it don't work, then that leaves us at . . .

      >folder where I had the msgconv.pl. Obviously there is something else I have to do because when I run it I get this error message:
      >>>Can't locate OLE/Storage_Lite.pm in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/Perl_5.8/lib C:/Perl/Perl_5.8/site/
      >-notins\MsgConvert\msgconvert.pl line 43.
      >BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Program Files\AmbPF-notins\MsgConvert\msgconvert.pl line 43.<<

      well probably it didn't find your ole::storage_lite module. Why not find? Probably it not located as precisely as what I had mentioned previously.

      If U ActiveState Perl on your 'puter it recommended to check with them first for module needs and resort to Cpan only if not available at former.

      If ActiveState Perl U have, then I'd delete what you copied from cpan

      And then-- Be online, connected to internet. open command prompt, type

      ppm then enter key

      search ole then enter key

      Aha! They have it (I cheated-I checked already)

      Whilst still online and within the ppm shell, type

      install ole-storage_lite then enter key

      if activestate try above then try it again, maybe it find it this time and work.

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