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180Re: [Clip] Ad hoc Perl Regexp Replacements

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  • Alan C.
    Jan 17 11:33 AM
      Hi Sherri,

      >^!InsertText " "
      >^!RunPerl "^$GetScriptPath$readinitest.pl"

      Yes, I had already done that and ran both the val and section scripts successfully last night--after, of course, I had installed the Perl ini module. Following your directions, the module installed quickly, easily, successfully.

      (so it seems to me) (hehe what do I know) Some module avail at Cpan while not at ActiveState. But mostly need compiled and mostly for Linux. But a text or html parser module, I had downloaded from Cpan then copied the .pm into my pertinent Perl directory, got lucky, it worked. Not recommended but I've also on comp.lang.perl.misc heard experienced people say that it can worth a try just because it occasionally can work.

      Because the results returned out of order, I at first thought something wrong with the section or hash. Then realized hash goes by key-value pairs and IS unordered but there also happens to be a sort function if I want them ordered in a certain way. And, easy to extract a value by using its key.

      You seem to savvy that POD better than I do. Dunno what it is, but some perldoc I get it no problem while other of it might as well be an unlearned foreign language for me.

      Now, if I only knew Perl better. Well, I've resources. So, I'll implement them along with my effort.