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176Re: [NTS] Re: Sorting Numbers and No-Sort: Remove Dups/Trips...

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  • Jody
    Nov 22 4:01 PM
      Hi Sheri,

      I found a minor bug in your RegExp, sorting script. I'll post it
      a bit later once I get the rest of it going - but it might be
      awhile till I can get to it. Getting about 100-150 support
      messages a day since the newsletters went out.

      Found it quick enough. ;) I think it was the line above
      the commented one needed to be split so that it did on the
      left side of the colon first and then the right side. The
      way it was it was not stripping the zeros from the right
      side in front of numbers: :001...009. As in say Psalms 150:002,
      Psalms 150:006 - should be 150:1[-6] Thanks again, Sheri. ;)
      I'll have to find some time latter to crank up the Perl scripts

      ;^!Replace "{\W+}\s{\d+:\d+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      ^!Replace "{\d+}:{\d+}" >> "00\1:00\2\s" AIRSW
      ^!Replace "\d*{\d\d\d}:\d*{\d\d\d}\s" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      ^!Select All
      ^!InsertText ^$StrSort("^$GetText$";False;True;True)$
      ^!Replace "0*{[1-9]\d*}:0*{[1-9]\d*}" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      ;^!Replace "{\d+:\d+}\s{\W+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW

      Reorder Chap:Verse
      ^!Replace "{\w+}\s{\d+:\d+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      ^!Replace "{\d+}:{\d+}" >> "00\1:00\2\s" AIRSW
      ^!Replace "\d*{\d\d\d}:\d*{\d\d\d}\s" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      ^!Select All
      ^!Replace ":0+" >> ":" AIRSW
      ^!Replace "0+{[1-9]\d*}:" >> "\1:" AIRSW

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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